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Response to the COVID-19 pandemic: “We are in a challenging time transitioning our users to telecommuting...this (BancWorks) will become the best way to communicate to our staff."
Ben Ramharak, VP/Information Technology & Security, Quontic

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic: “Our intranet is proving to be an invaluable communication tool during these unique circumstances over the past couple of weeks.”
Matt Weaver, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, F & M Trust

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic: "We are grateful for our new intranet to help with internal communication during this chaotic time."
Kristin Jaeger, VP/Director of Marketing and Communications, Cornerstone Bank

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic: "All in our company are well. And we’re grateful for our awesome intranet to help keep us connected during these unusual times!"
Sara Warren, Director of Marketing, Argent Financial Group

Frandsen Bank & Trust is pleased with BancWorks’ performance and how well employees have accepted the product. BancWorks is delivering a positive experience for its employees. “It’s been great. It’s giving our users quick access to all the information they need.”
Ann Miller, Management Information Systems Coordinator, Frandsen Bank & Trust

BancWorks is enabling people at Frandsen Bank & Trust to find documents more easily by retrieving them directly off the employee intranet. “Our users are pulling an average of 700 to 800 documents per day…I think it’s been very successful. All of the feedback I have received has been very positive.”
Jay McDougall, Corporate and eBanking Marketing Manager, Frandsen Bank & Trust

“Working with a company like Banc Intranets, who designs its products around the needs of the financial institutions it serves, means they are responsive and understanding of any issues or ideas that we bring to them. Their industry expertise and collaborative nature has been evident throughout every step of our relationship. Beyond that, both BancWorks and DirectorsLink have been integral in our efforts to simplify how leadership and employees share information, which allows them to focus on what matters most – serving our customers and community.”
Mark Tracy, SVP and Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Cambridge Savings Bank

“BancWorks will enable us to leverage a variety of innovative features that are especially geared for financial institutions as well as analytics, learning management, a ticket system, eforms and an enhanced search engine. We are excited about the capabilities and benefits that BancWorks will bring to our institution.”
Eric Wright, COO, Rock Canyon Bank

“Banc Intranets has a proven track record of delivering enterprise content solutions that not only can centralize access to information but also offer innovative features that can increase employee efficiency and productivity. We are excited about making the transition to BancWorks, so we can capitalize on the tremendous benefits of utilizing this more advanced technology.”
Julie Huber, Executive Vice President, Equity Bank

“United Bank prides itself on offering the latest cutting-edge financial solutions such as BancWorks.”
Lori Tucker, Executive Vice President, United Bank

“DirectorsLink is uniquely poised to heighten our level of service commitment to our clients across all our locations, improve the efficiency of our meetings throughout the year, and centralize and digitize board and committee documents. Based on our experience with the BancWorks intranet platform and easy-to-use nature of it, we knew that Banc Intranet’s DirectorsLink solution would be the next logical implementation step for us. As such, we have seen a much greater streamlined approach in our meetings through the digitization of documents in advance of meetings, digital annotations, as well as board voting that can be done directly through the portal, which allows us to direct our focus on our most important asset, our members.”
Kristin Morrison, COO, Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union

“When we set out to implement a new intranet solution, we were intent on achieving a greater level of efficiency through a dedicated resource and communication center that allows for centralization and full interactivity, as well as an IT ticketing solution. Based on Banc Intranets’ proven history of success in retail banking and the endorsement of our IT team, we knew that Banc Intranets was the right solution to our current and future internal communications needs.”
Roni Brown, Senior Vice President and Marketing Director, Summit State Bank

“First Citizens National Bank strives to deliver unparalleled service and support not only to our customers, but to our employees as well, By deploying BancWorks, we were able to streamline tedious daily processes, centralize communications across all branches and enhance employee engagement by providing a single location for employees to access bank-specific articles, blogs, videos and content.”
Judy Long, President and COO, First Citizens National Bank

“All banks strive to communicate timely, consistent bank-wide messages with their employees, whether those are marketing or IT updates. With BancWorks, we are able to establish a seamless system for updating employees on bank news and announcements, which aids in providing the best service possible to our customers.”
Aaron Tyler, SVP of Digital Channels and Information Security Officer, Citizens Bank

“Banc Intranets’ user-friendly portal will allow our staff to more easily access bank tools, such as rate information, policies and forms, which improves how they engage with customers and work on a day-to-day basis. Banc Intranets’ customer-centric approach sets them apart from other organizations and makes partnering with them an easy decision.”
David Marks, Vice President and Operations Manager, American National Bank of Minnesota

“It’s clear from our experience working with Banc Intranets that their BancWorks employee intranet is designed specifically for financial institutions. Whereas our previous intranet provided few product updates and limited support, Banc Intranets is more than open to working with us to create the intranet best suited to our employees’ individual needs.”
Carlos Morales, Vice President and Information Security Officer, Security Bank

“In our search for an intranet, one of our primary requirements was to find a product that not only improves employee efficiency, but one that we could also customize to our individual needs. Banc Intranets fulfilled both of those requirements by providing us with a system that centralizes resources for our employees while engaging them with our bank’s brand and our mission to provide exemplary customer service.”
Will Martin, Vice President, Oklahoma Heritage Bank

“After successfully utilizing Banc intranets’ board portal, DirectorsLink, we were keen to see how its intranet solution would fit within our bank’s corporate culture and operations. In evaluating its capabilities, we felt BancWorks would best help our bank streamline operations by serving as a central resource for employees to start their day and continually refer back to important policies and procedures. It’s our goal for the intranet to be our employee’s first resource when they need to know something, file a request or check bank news and announcements.”
Judy Cartwright, COO, First Volunteer Bank