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St. Mary's Credit Union

BancWorks Enhances Credit Union’s Communication, Collaboration and Consistency 

Last year, St. Mary’s Credit Union was in dire need of an intranet. The Massachusetts-based institution had been making do with a hodgepodge-style solution supported by a makeshift document repository. But it simply wasn’t working. 

“We had information and materials in several different locations, with nobody owning any of it,” explained Mark Millett, Assistant Vice President of Learning and Development. “We had things that were outdated, and there were things that people could not find. We knew we needed an intranet badly and that we needed something that was out-of-the-box and ready to go.” 

St. Mary’s Credit Union prides itself on making decisions based on the best interest of its members/owners. An employee intranet would help improve efficiency, but the credit union wanted a quick solution. “We needed something that was out-of-the-box and ready to go,” Millett said.

So the credit union evaluated more than a half a dozen intranet solution providers. Ultimately, it chose Banc Intranets’ BancWorks product for its relevance, ease of use and exceptional service. St. Mary’s Credit Union liked the fact that BancWorks was an industry-specific product created by individuals who are familiar with the banking industry. It was also very user-friendly and affordably priced. In addition, the sales staff at Banc Intranets was easy to work with and flexible throughout the entire process. Millett said: “They were more than willing to come in early in the morning for meetings or stay late in the evening. I cannot speak highly enough about the service that we received before and after the sale.”

Banc Intranets’ technical support is phenomenal, Millett adds. Whenever anyone from St. Mary’s Credit Union needs anything, they can call the company and connect with a “live” person. “There’s no recorded message,” he said. “Someone picks up the phone every time.”

Millett has been impressed by the knowledge and dedication of Banc Intranets’ staff from day one, summing it up this way: “They have top-notch service. I have never had a bad experience or been disappointed.”

Capitalizing on BancWorks’ Features
St. Mary’s Credit Union launched BancWorks on Nov. 1, 2010, and it has made a huge difference. Now all the institution’s internal information is in one convenient location. “Everybody knows where to go for what they need, and everybody can find what they need,” Millett said. 

BancWorks offers an array of features, many of which St. Mary’s Credit Union is using extensively. The intranet is being employed to communicate internal news, post announcements, and maintain important policies and procedures. Employees can log on and gain access to all the systems they need on a daily basis, including their email, electronic time card and a fun quote of the day.

But perhaps the most widely-used feature is the intranet’s Service Request system. Previously, employees of St. Mary’s Credit Union would submit a general request by email when one department needed service from another. Now with the new system, requests can be directed to the appropriate person, and a history is kept of all the requests that are made. As a result, the departments are able to provide services more quickly and productively. Plus, the credit union has been able to clean up and reduce its email data. “We had a system in place to request services between departments, but it just wasn’t as efficient and effective,” Millett said. “We really like the new Service Request system.” 

Saving Time, Money and Other Resources
BancWorks is enhancing the credit union’s operations in a myriad of ways. For instance, instead of wasting time chasing information—and spending even more time determining if that information is current—employees can go directly to the intranet for easy access to the data they need. Thanks to BancWorks, there’s been a drastic reduction in the amount of time employees are spending searching for information. 

The intranet has also eliminated any confusion over which version of different documents is being accessed by employees. Prior to implementing BancWorks, employees would often save commonly-used documents to their local drive. These documents would often get revised, and a new version would be made available, but many employees continued to use the information they had saved locally. “With BancWorks, we know everyone is using the most current version of any document, policy, procedure or information,” Millett said. “All of our employees are on the same page.”

The credit union has also streamlined its employee training records with BancWorks’ BancTrain learning management module. The credit union used to rely on paper-based records for all employee training initiatives. This led to an internal process of updating employee records monthly, which was a challenge for the training supervisor who had to ensure all employees had accomplished their training requirements by the end of the year. Now with BancWorks and BancTrain, training courses are electronically assigned to employees, and trainees are automatically alerted whenever a new course is added or a deadline is approaching. Millet said: “From a reporting stand point, we now have electronic reports that the system generates to show who has taken, passed, registered for and been exempted from training courses. This makes our reporting a lot more efficient, and it’s a huge time saver.” 

St. Mary’s Credit Union has also reduced the amount of time and other resources it spends producing communication materials. Now, there’s no need to print thousands of newsletters, since everyone can keep abreast of the latest news through the intranet—saving a considerable amount of paper, ink and money. As another benefit, employees are much more engaged because they know what’s going on. “We’ve been getting excellent employee feedback about the intranet,” Millett said. “They love it.” 

St. Mary’s Credit Union is a community credit union serving Massachusetts’ Middlesex and Worcester counties. Based in Marlborough with branches in Marlborough, Northborough, and Hudson, St. Mary’s Credit Union has more than $590 million in assets and 45,000 members. For more information on St. Mary’s Credit Union, visit