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Select Purchases BancWorks and BancTrain Enterprise Content Management Software to Extend the Reach and Effectiveness of Corporate Information
Select Bancorp (NASDAQ-SLCT), headquartered in Dunn, North Carolina, 40 miles south of Raleigh, is a thriving holding company for Select Bank, whose total assets exceed $805 million. With 18 branches, Select is well positioned to benefit from an impressive history of growth since it was founded in 2000. 

To help increase shareholder value and enhance customer relationships, Select continually introduces new financial products and works to keep internal operations state-of-the- art. "Our mission is to remain customer-focused and community-focused, employing a strategy of branching to attractive markets that value the service and personal touch that Select provides," said John Shaw, President and CEO of Select. 

Given this strategy, it may be no surprise that Select Bancorp launched Banc Intranets' BancWorks and BancTrain enterprise content management software and Learning Management Software to make internal operations and employee communications more efficient and user-friendly. Today, the Banc Intranets system is yielding dividends for Select by helping employees save time while supporting better customer service. 

Overcoming Challenges 
Although successful, Select's expansion into new towns had created internal communication bottlenecks and delays in providing updated information about loan and interest rates, checking account options, employee benefits and other dynamic information to employees in different locations. 

Joan Patterson,Select's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, explains the situation like this: We were dealing with a lot of cumbersome internal communications challenges and decided that we wanted a turnkey solution to resolve them. We wanted to improve the availability, distribution and access to internal information in all departments and for all employees in our branches. We needed a central, online location for storing procedural documents, bank policies and product information that branch employees could get to easily - without contacting our operations center to find things." 

The company's traditional method of sending emails with attached files from headquarters to branches, which was supplemented by the use of couriers driving to different branches to deliver documents, was increasingly complicated and time-consuming as the bank grew and added more employees. The BancWork's platform is designed to organize documents, alert employees about new product offerings, and support the flow of information from departments like Human Resources to employees throughout their system. The ability to organize information and make it readily accessible without overwhelming the IT division is the foundation of its architecture. 

Patterson recalls, "As our bank expanded, our methods of communicating with employees were not working so well and slowed things down. We needed to distribute new forms and policies about matters such as loan rates fairly often. But whenever rates changed or an employee benefit program was modified, we would have to resend everything. This was not only cumbersome - it prompted lots of phone calls from employees asking about the information." 

User-Friendly Features 
"We wanted an enterprise content management solution that would be user-friendly, easy to maintain and to update, with a lot of practical applications and flexible features," Patterson recalls. Select began looking at different content management products that other banks used. "A few had vendors who built and managed specialized systems." Patterson says. "Then we talked with Mark Anderson of Banc Intranets - and we actually looked at a Banc Intranets system that was installed at another bank. Once we saw the BancWorks system in action - its applications and ease of use, combined with the fact that it doesn't require a computer expert to manage it - we were impressed," says Patterson. 

Lynn Johnson, Select Bancorp Vice President for Human Resources, agrees and adds, "Banc Intranets had great recommendations." Johnson was particularly interested in the impact and applications that any new content management system might have for rank and file employees, as well as department heads, since hiring, training, benefits management and payroll are among her job responsibilities. "I was hoping for a solution that would enable us, for example, to post forms and policy information into the system that could be used and manipulated by every department head and available to employees online. And we wanted the system to be easily managed in-house, not by an outside vendor." 

Select was looking for simplicity, reliability, functional diversity and a cost-effective solution to support bank growth while improving internal communications and customer service efficiency. "Before we implemented BancWorks, whenever we distributed a new plan description of employee benefits, or received a request for such information, we would get multiple phone calls - sometimes repeatedly from the same employee - asking for various details or clarifications. BancWorks has eliminated that. This new system has made us more productive." Johnson says. 

Easy to Update 
The BancWorks software solution implemented by Banc Intranets' team offered Select employees online access to a full range of content applications, bank forms and crucial data. Also, BancWorks administrative functions could be easily and securely managed by every department. 

Navigating the BancWorks intranet system is simple and fast. It is enabled by a Home Page menu that directs users to Departments, Library, Contacts, Calendar, Locations, Mission Statements and other categories of bank information and content. Password-protected access allows authorized users to change or update content 24/7 - such as announcements, vacation schedules, photos, logos, images - and more, including job openings. 

Patterson says, "When we began this project, we had five branches and about 100 employees. Today we've grown to 18 branches. Although we didn't know it when we were considering different vendors, Select Bancorp would buy another bank - Progressive State Bank of Lumberton. The Banc Intranets system was installed before that acquisition, and now it serves all of our locations and it is working very well." 

Efficiency Benefits 
Mark Anderson, Banc Intranets President and Senior Partner, says, "Select Bancorp is a good example of a regional bank that wanted to integrate a seamless, browser-based enterprise content management system into its operations to streamline communications efficiencies, keep employees better informed about products and services, and enable more productivity while enhancing customer service." 

BancWorks was developed specifically for banks and financial institutions, and its many flexible features reflect that. Its application templates make it easy to add and update content instantly, whenever necessary, without requiring IT expertise or specialized skills. In addition, BancWorks has built-in capabilities to support organizational growth and expansion. 

In addition, Select purchased Banc Intranets' innovative BancTrain learning management system to create, track and monitor all training initiatives within the bank. "Banc Train's learning management system allows training administrators to easily create courses and schedule classes with links to training resources within the intranet or online," says Anderson. "Its Real-Time Reporting system gives bank managers up-to-the-minute training records and employee status reports." 

Select employees appreciate the easy-to-use new system because they can locate information about their own benefit plans, bank holidays, company news, other branch employees, and even list "for sale" items its online classifieds section and post personal photos. 

"I don't know how we lived without it," says Johnson, "the system has everything we were looking for. Employees at Select are able to provide better customer service with BancWorks. Tellers and customer service representatives can quickly locate accurate information on loan rates or checking account options with a simple click of a mouse. "It has eliminated so many phone calls to each department from employees wanting to know about bank products, customer programs and benefits.