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RSS Feeds

RSS is the standard for content distribution and syndication.

It stands for Really Simple Syndication, a technology thousands of websites use to distribute their information. Having RSS capabilities for your intranet is like a personal writing assistant that works tirelessly to find the latest breaking news and articles written by industry experts. Then collects these articles and publishes them to your intranet to help keep your employees informed everyday.

BancWorks makes it easy to consume RSS feeds from any source on the web and produces a variety of RSS feeds from within your intranet to keep your employees aware of new content published internally.  

  • New RSS feeds can be quickly and easily created
  • Create, update and distribute as many feeds as you like
  • It's easy to publish RSS feeds anywhere on your intranet
  • RSS feeds pull industry news and headlines together for you
  • Extremely easy to use. BancWorks focuses on making the process of publishing your feeds as simple as possible.
  • Best of all, it's included with the BancWorks software.