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Helping Organizations Work Smarter, Not Harder

In today’s business environment, you need timely access to your corporate information to stay ahead of the competition. You need a technical solution that enables you to collect, organize and manage information as efficiently as possible. That’s where we come in. 

Banc Intranets provides premium content management solutions and other products that help organizations work smarter, not harder. We help employees get their work done more quickly and easily. We understand that time is money. And the more time workers waste searching for information, the less time they can spend contributing to building your bottom line. 

A Range of Content Management Solutions and Other Options

At Banc Intranets, we serve organizations of all types and sizes, and we offer an array of Web-based products and services. We can also modify our solutions to create a perfect fit for your organization. Our powerful software products enable employees, managers and directors to access important corporate information within minutes—instead of days or hours. They also help companies improve communication and collaboration across their entire organization. 

Our product offerings include:

  • Employee intranets to provide instant access to product, pricing, procedures and other corporate information
  • Board portals to help directors improve their productivity, efficiency and overall governance ability.
  • Learning management software that creates a simple, affordable way to provide Web-based training to employees
  • Employee hot sites to give your workforce critical information during a natural disaster or other emergency
  • Websites that can be customized to your specific requirements

The Advantage of Working with Us

Banc Intranets is comprised of an experienced team of individuals who are experts in banking, technology and business. Our staff members have spent decades honing their respective skills to bring innovative content and document management solutions to the marketplace. We are dedicated to delivering our solutions with the best customer service possible. Regardless of your industry, you can count on Banc Intranets to provide effective Web-based solutions to enhance your processes.

Let Banc Intranets' content management solutions and other products help you operate more efficiently. Contact us for a free demo or no-obligation cost quote now!