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Health Care

Helping Health Care Facilities Thrive

If you work in the health care field, having immediate access to data is critical. You need timely, accurate and up-to-date records for your employees to deliver the best possible care to your patients. Banc Intranets' content management and board portals can help. 

We bring people, technology and information together in a very powerful and positive way. Our online software solutions enhance health care environments to make it easier for employees to perform their jobs. Whether you’re part of a hospital, physicians group or other health care facility, our high-quality products can help you:

  • Access information more quickly and easily
  • Simplify communications between staff and physicians
  • Easily manage and share corporate information across your health care organization
  • Increase efficiency and productivity for your employees, managers and board of directors
  • Keep policies, procedures and forms up to date
  • Administer and monitor employee training
  • Easily search for information and key documents
  • Conserve paper, ink and other resources
  • Create a paperless, “green” environment

Our Content Management and Board Portal Products

Banc Intranets offers a suite of robust, easy-to-use Web-based solutions for the health care market. We have content management solutions to give clinical and non-clinical staff instant access to information; board portals to make directors more informed, efficient and productive; and learning management systems to help administrators create, track and monitor employee training activities online. We also build custom Websites that hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities can easily manage on their own. 

How We Can Benefit Your Health Care Organization…

Banc Intranets has been creating software products for nearly a decade. We have translated our years of experience and expertise into a variety of products to help health care employees, managers and directors improve their access to information. Here are some ways you can benefit by partnering with us:

  • Affordability - Our content management and board portal products give health care facilities a cost-effective way to place their organization’s information within easy reach.
  • Personalized Service - We believe in taking a personalized, responsive approach to providing customer service. We work closely with you to identify your specific needs and then customize a solution to match.
  • Security - Our password-protection and other security measures mean only authorized personnel will be able to view your sensitive information.

See how our content management and board portal solutions can enhance your health care facility’s processes and communications. Request a free online demonstration now!