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Frandsen Bank & Trust

BancWorks Employee Intranet Solution Helps Frandsen Bank & Trust Provide Faster, Easier Access to Documents and Other Features

Frandsen Bank & Trust needed a more functional employee intranet solution to support its operations. With offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota, the full-service bank was making do with a SharePoint-based intranet—but the system was challenging to maintain and not very user-friendly. The search function made it difficult for employees to find documents, so there needed to be an easier, more direct path to information. “We wanted the ability to build department pages where we could set links to frequently-used documents and include some verbiage to tell employees why they would want to be directed to certain documents,” says Management Information Systems Coordinator Ann Miller.

Frandsen also needed an employee intranet that would be more secure and easier to update. “We wanted to give more people access and the ability to add more information to the intranet,” says Corporate and eBanking Marketing Manager Jay McDougall.

In essence, the bank needed a better way to manage documents, and BancWorks fit the bill. BancWorks includes permissions, version control and other features that determine who can download, print and edit documents. This helps control how documents are maintained and supports the bank’s data loss prevention strategies.

Banc Intranets’ BancWorks product is a functional, user-friendly employee intranet solution. BancWorks allows organizations like Frandsen to digitize and centralize their corporate information in a secure online environment—and no special skills are required to use it. The comprehensive system also offers access to an array of helpful features, time-saving tools and even analytics that quantify ROI.

A Smooth Transition
Frandsen—which has $1.7 billion in assets and was recently named one of America’s Best Banks in Minnesota by Forbes magazine—is successfully using BancWorks to facilitate its vision to provide financial solutions that enhance the lives of its customers, communities and employees.

The implementation of BancWorks was a smooth and efficient process for the bank, which prides itself on serving customers with a sense of “neighborly care.” Banc Intranets provided initial training on the different modules of BancWorks, and its staff was always available to lend additional assistance. “The staff was very helpful,” Miller says. “If we accidentally blew away a page, they were able to help us get that back. They provided us with good resources on how to troubleshoot errors in the future.”

Banc Intranets’ staff was also extremely patient. “They were available anytime we needed anything,” McDougall says. “I never felt like I was asking a dumb question. We appreciated how available they were to help us along the process.”

Key Features for Frandsen
Frandsen is capitalizing on a number of user-friendly features within BancWorks, particularly document management and site search. For example, the bank has organized documents inside a streamlined, alphabetized folder structure and document library that makes them easier to locate. Miller explains: “It’s a very user-friendly way to manage those documents. Now employees don’t spend a lot of time searching in the document library because of the site search.”

The documents are strategically grouped inside the folders, which has allowed the volume of documents to be significantly reduced. Currently, there are approximately 900 items in the document library; the old intranet system contained about 1,300. “In some cases, we were able to consolidate a lot of documents that were stand-alone documents before,” Miller says. “So, we eliminated quite a few documents.”

Department pages are another key BancWorks feature that Frandsen is actively using. The pages provide a quick snapshot of departmental roles, responsibilities and other pertinent information. Using the same design for each department, each page employs a three-column format to present information. The left column includes a featured product or application support; the middle section highlights frequently-used documents and a checklist; and the right side provides staff contact information and quick links. “It’s been very helpful for our staff to go into those pages and get all the information they need for the applications (such as a loan or deposit account) they are working on,” Miller explains.

Instead of building pages for all its departments, Frandsen has created a searchable Corporate Contact page with a list of specific job functions for each department. This makes it easier for employees to determine whom to contact. The page displays information for staff members within each department, including their name, phone number and email address. “It’s working very well,” Miller says. “We’ve had nothing but positive feedback on the department pages.”

Frandsen is also using BancWorks’ Kudos tool to support its employee recognition program. Each month, the bank presents Pride Awards to about five employees who were nominated for accomplishments that represent its core values. “We use it as a receptacle for those nominations, and once a month a couple of people go through the nominations and decide which ones to publish,” McDougall says. “We’ve kind of tweaked a few things to make Kudos more like what we were doing. It’s been great.”

The bank is also effectively leveraging the services and fees feature of BancWorks. “Building out the fee tables allowed us to eliminate tracking fees in spreadsheets and also allowed us to link the fee tables to the department pages for quick user access,” Miller says. “That’s another big win for us on this product.”

In addition, Frandsen is taking advantage of the breaking news, classifieds and job opportunities features. In the future, the bank also plans to use eforms and surveys to more fully capitalize on its employee intranet solution.

Favorable Feedback from Employees
Frandsen is pleased with BancWorks’ performance and how well employees have accepted the product. BancWorks is delivering a positive experience for its employees. “It’s been great,” Miller says. “It’s giving our users quick access to all the information they need.”

Echoing Miller’s sentiments, McDougall says BancWorks is enabling people to find documents more easily by retrieving them directly off the employee intranet. He says: “Our users are pulling an average of 700 to 800 documents per day…I think it’s very successful. All of the feedback I have received has been very positive.”