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First Volunteer Bank

First Volunteer Bank Enhances Employee Engagement & Communications with Banc Intranets’ BancWorks, Improves Board Meeting Efficiency with DirectorsLink Board Portal


  • Streamlining board of directors meetings to ensure directors have effortless, real-time access to board materials, to eliminate tedious processes and rapidly respond to bank developments or votes;
  • Ensuring employees have centralized access to important bank announcements, policies, procedures, check-lists and other internal resources;
  • Engaging employees and effectively communicating a seamless experience across a 265-person staff in 24 branches in multiple states.


  • Banc Intranets’ DirectorsLink, a board portal to help boards of directors digitize and streamline directors meetings, eliminate or reduce tedious tasks and ensure ease-of-use for directors of all demographics; and 
  • Banc Intranets’ BancWorks employee intranet, designed to centralize employee access to forms, policies, documents and procedures, while also serving as a single repository for financial institution-wide communications and content.


  • Streamlined board of directors meetings for administrators, directors and executives to easily curate board packets, eliminate tedious tasks and simplify the board voting process; 
  • Centralized company-wide communications and access to information for employees to enhance customer service and streamline internal processes; 
  • Engaged its 265-person staff with the bank’s unique mission and culture, and engaged employees through the use of company-specific blogs, articles and videos to enhance inter-departmental collaboration and processes.

Chattanooga, Tenn.-based First Volunteer Bank ($1 billion in assets) sought an intranet solution to create a centralized point of access for all bank-wide communications and resources, including policies, documents, procedures, check-lists and other important documents. The bank also recognized its need to enhance employee engagement and ensure staff are engaged with the bank’s unique brand, culture and mission to serve its local communities as the only community bank in Chattanooga. 

First Volunteer Bank was also in need of a board portal to simplify and streamline its board of directors meetings for directors, executives and administrators. The institution had traditionally used paper-based board packets and in-person voting to conduct its meetings, however, this approach required diverting valuable resources to gather board material and did not allow the bank to provide timely responses on board items. 

First Volunteer Bank, after careful due diligence, selected Banc Intranets’ DirectorsLink board portal, a secure and fully customizable platform for directors to access up-to-date board materials from anywhere at any time. Accessible through web or Banc Intranets’ proprietary iPad™ mobile app, DirectorsLink allows directors of any technological skill level to quickly and easily access and annotate board packets, conduct real-time voting, as well as search through all past board materials.

Following several years of successfully utilizing DirectorsLink, First Volunteer Bank elected to deploy Banc Intranets’ BancWorks employee intranet, a fully customizable solution that centralizes enterprise-wide communications within a single location for quick and easy access by employees, as well. BancWorks creates a single point of access for employees to obtain critical bank information such as announcements and news, forms, policies, procedures, ticket requests, deposit rates, articles, blogs, which helps banks enhance customer service, compliance, marketing and employee engagement.

The bank, after utilizing both DirectorsLink and BancWorks, highlighted each platform’s ease-of-use for all employees, regardless of age or technological skill level. Likewise, the bank cited Banc Intranets’ in-depth experience working with financial institutions and specifically-tailored products as critical factors in their success.

Streamlined Board of Directors Meetings to Enhance Productivity and Reduce Inefficiencies
First Volunteer Bank initially deployed DirectorsLink to simplify the preparation process for board of directors meetings, and in particular, the completion of board packets. These packets oftentimes require bank employees spend days, if not weeks, compiling all of the necessary information for directors to host their meeting. This diverted bank resources from other high-value, profit-making tasks.

DirectorsLink allowed the bank to digitize their board of directors meetings and complete the preparation process in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Board packets no longer need to be printed or shipped to individual directors as users had digital versions delivered directly to their electronic device. Directors of all technological skill levels could easily use Banc Intranets’ DirectorsLink mobile app or web-based portal to access board information in seconds to conduct their meetings.

In addition, directors are able to make quicker, real-time decisions on potential board votes. This allows the bank to act on board decisions faster, such as whether or not to close on particular loans or move forward with internal projects. Board members are also able to review, annotate and search through all current and past board materials within DirectorsLink.

Centralized Access to Information for Employees to Enhance Operations, Customer Service and Engagement
Following its successful use of DirectorsLink, First Volunteer Bank deployed Banc Intranets’ BancWorks employee intranet to centralize access to critical information for employees. BancWorks provided the bank with a single location for employees to access and receive company news, updates, alerts, rate information, product sheets, procedures, forms and policies. Beyond this, thanks to BancWorks, the bank is able to ensure employees have access to the latest, most up-to-date information as administrators can easily delete or replace old or outdated information.

With quick and easy access to internal information, employees are able to seamlessly respond to customer needs and ensure they are up-to-date on the bank’s latest news and procedures. The bank no longer relies on email as their primary source of information, and instead, directs all employees to use the intranet as the first resource when searching for specific bank-related information.

First Volunteer Bank has also utilized Banc Intranets’ recently updated ticketing system to customize its internal tickets for employees and streamline the fulfillment process. From vacation requests to technology issues and employee onboarding, BancWorks’ ticketing system allows First Volunteer Bank to customize support tickets for individual departments, create permissions and workflows that determine who and when responds to a ticket and utilize built-in message boards for moderators to discuss tickets.

All of these features have helped First Volunteer Bank create a specialized, singular employee experience across its entire branch network. Employees have access to the information they need to perform their daily tasks based on their title, position or role, and thanks to BancWorks’ ease-of-use, can easily search the intranet to find internal bank materials or resources.

Utilized Blogs, Articles and Videos to Engage Employees and Drive Internal Collaboration
First Volunteer Bank has also leveraged BancWorks to engage employees with the bank’s overall culture and mission, from implementation to today. After deciding to deploy BancWorks, the bank conducted a survey of all employees to curate potential names for the intranet. This gave each employee the unique opportunity of playing a role in its creation and branding for other staff members.

Furthermore, the bank has continued to leverage BancWorks’ content development and distribution features to disseminate bank-centric blogs, articles and videos across its entire branch network. In particular, after reaching its 2018 goal of hitting more than $1 billion in assets, the bank’s executive team distributed a video announcing the achievement and recognizing all of its employees for their hard work and dedication.

The bank has also taken an active approach to encouraging individual departments and employees to provide content for various pages or sections of the intranet. This way, each employee is engaged with the creation of their department’s or employee profile so other staff can have a better understanding of who they work with each and every day. It also connects geographically separated branches within one single network. 

Coupled with BancWorks’ ability to centralize internal communications and send out immediate announcements or alerts for employees, First Volunteer’s content efforts have helped the bank drive engagement with the employee intranet and set it up as the one-stop-shop for all employee needs.