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First Florida Integrity Bank

BancWorks and DirectorsLink Ideal for First Florida Integrity Bank

When First Florida Integrity Bank needed portals for its employees and directors, EVP/CIO Peter Setaro immediately thought of BancWorks and DirectorsLink. 

The Naples, Fla.-based bank needed robust portal solutions that would support its aggressive growth strategy, as well as improve the efficiency of its directors. Setaro knew Banc Intranets’ BancWorks and DirectorsLink products would be ideal for the new bank. First Florida Integrity Bank had started with approximately $38 million in assets, one branch and 47 employees in 2009 and quickly grew to $305 million in assets in 2010. Today, it has nearly $330 million in assets, three branches, 67 employees and more than two dozen members on its board of directors. In the near future, it is poised to become a $1.5-billion bank. 

Choosing to work with Banc Intranets was an easy decision. “I base everything on results, and with Banc Intranets, we got results at Bank of Florida,” said Setaro, who initially worked with Banc Intranets while serving as Bank of Florida’s EVP of IT and operations. 

Banc Intanets, a Strategic Partner 
During the implementation of BancWorks at First Florida Integrity Bank, Setaro was impressed with Banc Intranets’ personalized, client-focused service. With Banc Intranets, the transaction wasn’t limited to a one-time software sale, he says. He explained: “I dealt with the same people from the beginning of our sales process to the end of our implementation and continued support. They are not just another software vendor, but a strategic partner because they are constantly asking me about future enhancements and updates.” 

As an added bonus, Banc Intranets provided an annual maintenance program that gives the bank continuous access to new enhancements and upgrades. That’s a refreshing change in the software industry, Setaro says. “Everyone is selling software with riders and regulations, but not Banc Intranets,” he said. “With them, I feel like we truly have a long-term partnership/relationship.” 

He added: “With our aggressive growth plans it was important for us to choose the right partner. We went from $38M in assets in the beginning to $328M in assets currently, and this (BancWorks) helped me grow faster and quicker.” 

Getting Lean and Mean with BancWorks 

BancWorks is helping First Florida Integrity Bank to be “lean and mean,” Setaro says. “We have 67 employees; therefore, we have to be nimble,” Setaro said. “BancWorks allows all of our employees to launch their various Jack Henry core applications from our employees BancWorks home page. It is easy for our employees to customize and update the content.” 

The bank’s employees use the intranet to make changes to policies and procedures and archive everything in a library for retrieval later. Users have access to the latest modifications to any given document. They can see exactly who made the revisions and when the changes were completed. This gives employees the confidence of knowing they have the most up-to-date and accurate information at their fingertips. 

With BancWorks, all of the bank’s forms, brochures, documents, and procedures are maintained in a centralized location, making it simple for employees to find and use the information on a daily basis. First Florida Integrity Bank has 15 different departmental sites using the intranet in the bank, as well as several sub-departments. Each of them is successfully using BancWorks to update their own content—without any help from the IT department. “It works great, and is easy to use from a user perspective,” Setaro. “This is a great tool for all our employees to share documents bank wide,” Setaro said. 

DirectorsLink Saves Time and Money 
DirectorsLink is proving to be the ideal product to help the bank’s directors become more efficient and productive. It’s also a cost-effective solution. “DirectorsLink really does improve productivity and reduce costs,” Setaro said. “I feel like we paid a very fair price for DirectorsLink.” 

Since implementing DirectorsLink, First Florida Integrity Bank has been better able to prepare for board meetings. DirectorsLink has also helped board members to dramatically reduce the length of time they spend conducting meetings. Board meetings that used to lasts three hours are now completed in about half the time. “In the past, we spent a lot of time looking through documents; now we can get right to the ‘meat of the matter,’” Setaro says. “We now spend more time on substantive topics and decision making—not on document review.” 

The bank also saves time and money by not having to produce information packets for its 24 board members and six honorary members. The board secretary used to print 30 board packets with 250 pages each (and sometimes up to 400 pages) for every board meeting. Now with DirectorsLink, board members can simply download the material whenever they want prior to each meeting. “We have now reduced the amount of time that it takes to put all of these board packets together, the costs associated with printing 7,500 pages per board meeting, and the board’s meeting time by half,” Setaro said. 

First Florida Integrity Bank also uses DirectorsLink for nine committees and various other groups. The loan committee even uses the portal to store photos of properties and all pertinent information associated with them. With DirectorsLink, there is no size constraint to documents, and there are no emails with important information flowing outside the bank. “We are totally paperless now,” Setaro said. “Before we had DirectorsLink, it was like night and day.”