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Financial Institutions

Helping to Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

Banc Intranets has been serving the needs of banks, credit unions and other financial institutions for nearly a decade. As experts in the financial industry, we are uniquely qualified to help you leverage enterprise content management and board portal technology for your full benefit. Our specialized knowledge enables us to understand the regulatory environment, legal requirements and other challenges that your financial institution may be facing. This, in turn, allows our company to create high-quality, customized solutions for your specific needs. 

Specialized Products to Meet Your Needs 
We offer a menu of enterprise content management and board portal solutions that are inherently designed to meet the needs of the financial industry. Whether you operate a community bank, regional bank or larger institution, Banc Intranets can provide the right product to enhance your operations. We offer:

  • BancWorks - An employee intranet product that provides immediate access to details about your institution’s products, services, pricing, rates, policies, procedures and more.
  • DirectorsLink - A secure board portal that lets your board of directors access board packages, policies, meeting minutes and other important material online—anywhere and anytime.
  • Online Learning Management - An affordable, flexible learning management system your training administrators can use to create, track and monitor all training initiatives within your financial institution.
  • Employee Hot Sites - A dedicated, private portal where all employees can go in the event of a disaster or emergency to receive vital instructions and up-to-date information from your financial institution.
  • Custom Websites - A Website tailored to match your corporate identity is a powerful way to promote the image of your bank or credit union.

Why Choose Banc Intranets for Your Financial Institution…

  • Expertise and Experience: Our enterprise content management and board portal solutions are carefully developed by banking experts and technology professionals who are well-versed on regulatory obligations and other requirements of the financial industry. We have nearly 100 years of combined experience in banking operations, information technology and other areas of business.
  • Service: Because no two financial institutions are the same, we work closely with you to customize our solutions to your specific operations. Providing complete satisfaction is our overriding goal.
  • Security: Our Web-based solutions give bank employees, managers and directors secure access to your institution’s information whenever they need it.

Learn more about how our enterprise content management and board portal solutions can save your financial institution time and money. Contact us for a free demo or cost quote today!