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FAQ Knowledge Base

A built-in FAQ module to provide employees with timely and helpful information, increasing efficiency while decreasing support overhead

Create a Strong
Knowledge Base of Information
throughout your Organization

BancWorks’ Frequently Asked Questions section is a self-help resource that gives employees instant access to answers to some of their most common questions. It’s a great way to share information that’s often available from just a few employees. Plus, it lets you eliminate repetitive support emails and phone calls, so you can spend more time doing what you do best—focusing on your customers.

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FAQ Links

Provide links to specific FAQ categories from any page in the intranet.

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FAQ Categories

Organize questions and answers in easy-to-find categories.

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Answers in the FAQ module can include documents, forms on your intranet and links to additional information. They can also feature links to an email address, so employees can contact an individual or department for more details.

BancWorks’ FAQ knowledge base empowers employees to get the answers they need when they need them. It’s a valuable tool for organizations that want to enhance their entire business operations.