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Employee Intranets and Portals

BancWorks is a turn-key employee intranet solution with a suite of products designed for banks, credit unions, health care facilities and other organizations.

We offer a companywide employee intranet solution that gives every member of your organization all the information they need with a click of a mouse.

Our innovative intranet software was developed by individuals who are experts in the areas of financial services, information technology and business, and they are solely dedicated to providing only the best in information organization and business intelligence. This is what we do exclusively...that's why we do it so well!

No Programming Required!

BancWorks uses an easy, secure administrative module for content providers that ensures your employee's intranet experience always starts with fresh and up-to-date information. Wizards guide you easily step-by-step through the creation and editing of pages. You can also create pages in Microsoft Word or Excel and copy and paste the information to create a new page immediately. BancWorks:

  • is 100% browser-based, making it accessible from anywhere within your organization.
  • has easy-to-use wizards to manage all the information in your employee Intranet without programmer intervention.
  • offers professional graphics, templates, and style sheets customized with your colors to consistently maintain your corporate identity throughout the intranet.

Giving employees immediate online access to policies, procedures and other important corporate information in today’s competitive environment is crucial. Using the latest in web technologies to change the way your organization communicates is smart. Putting the ability to update the information on your intranet in the hands of those who know it best is key.

BancWorks is an affordable, easy-to-use intranet software solution that helps financial institutions, hospitals and other organizations improve their access to information. Placing the responsibility of intranet updates on your IT team is a thing of the past! BancWorks allows department managers, HR managers and other administrators to publish policies, procedures and other documents easily and immediately without the need for in-depth technical skills or programmer intervention.

Here's how BancWorks' intranet software can benefit you:

  • Through secured access, content providers can add or change information in your intranet just like they were writing a document in a word processor. You can create pages in Microsoft Word or Excel and copy and paste the information to create new information immediately. It’s easy to include tables, images and formatted text without any knowledge of HTML.
  • Policies and procedures are electronically accepted. New policies and policy / procedural changes are electronically accepted and tracked for all employees.
  • Navigation is dynamically generated providing your employees with quick access to hundreds of pages of information.
  • Comprehensive security features allow you to create access permissions so that you retain total control. You decide which employees have access to which parts of your intranet and which system features you want to make available. Security lets you personalize the intranet experience and customize the content and information each employee will have access to.
  • A powerful Search feature allows employees to use the intranet to find the exact information they are looking for, making the intranet the first place employees look to answer customer questions and gain knowledge.
  • Templates keep a uniform look and feel throughout the intranet. This keeps the focus on providing meaningful content instead of spending valuable time on keeping a consistent look to the site.
  • Because it's completely browser-based, all administrative features of BancWorks are accessible from anywhere within your organization with easy to use, secure administrative tools. For advanced users that know HTML, it’s easy to create HTML source directly as well. 
  • BancWorks keeps a historical archive. Every change ever made in administration keeps past information available for audit and compliance. A revision control system also allows you to track changes and reverts to previous pages if editing goes wrong.
  • Professional graphics, templates, and style sheets are customized with your company colors to consistently maintain your corporate identity throughout the intranet.

Learn more about what our BancWorks employee intranet software can do for you. Request an online demo now!