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Dynamic Content

When we developed BancWorks we recognized successful Intranets contain large amounts of information that can originate from widely diverse departments and teams. We understood the importance of providing employees outside of IT with simple tools for adding and maintaining corporate information. The more people who can take ownership of their own content creation, the more the content will be up-to-date.

With BancWorks, creating, managing, and publishing of corporate information is easy. It places the power to update your intranet in the hands of those who know it best.

How does BancWorks help you manage content?

  • Business owners or department heads manage their own content within a familiar word processing environment, without IT assistance.
  • Distribute policies and procedures and track who has read them for compliance.
  • One click page editing gives you access to change your page content quickly. Simply click on the edit icon showing on the user-side page and a new revision is automatically created making content changes easy and fast! The edit option is secure and only appears for users with proper permissions.
  • It’s easy to publish new content, add documents, or revise procedures. Changes are instant.
  • Built-in templates ensure that the content in your intranet is consistent across the entire site, keeping the focus on content rather than design.
  • In-depth security options guarantee content creators update only what is assigned to them.
  • Information is never lost. Each time a page is saved the previous version is backed up and accessible. It’s easy to revert to an older version of a page at any time


  • BancWorks uses a combination of template files, template calls, and CSS style sheets to generate your site's look. The power to manage the look of your site is in your hands.
  • Insert pictures using simple drag and drop features. Change the size of pictures to fit your page, add borders and spacing to the image.
  • Spell check all of your content with an integrated spell checker.
  • Easily create hyperlinks to other pages, documents, services, pictures, and frequently asked questions within the intranet or to any other web site.
  • Add tables and adjust cell padding, cell spacing, border colors and border widths. Create numbered and bulleted lists.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste and format text; change justification and indentation.
  • Copy individual pages or entire sections of your intranet...great for revising HR benefits for next year.