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Document Management

Intelligent document management to help you store, organize, find, and manage documents in a secure online environment

Improve Organizational Efficiency and Provide Easy Access to Policy and Procedure

Centralize Information

Managing information is critical to the success of your organization. With BancWorks’ integrated document management, your intranet becomes a secure, central repository of all your documents. You can securely share business-critical documents instantly from any device and know your users are always viewing the most up-to-date information. Organizing documents in a centralized location within a familiar Windows-based folder structure enhances efficiency and collaboration across your organization.

Document Management View

Policy and Procedure Management

BancWorks’ Document Management solution lets you place all your policies, procedures, and compliance documents in one convenient location. The integrated module gives you a common space where teams can stay organized and keep their work flowing.

Document Management Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics

The dashboard shows a graphical summary of your current stats for Document Usage, Most Viewed Documents, Documents Checked Out, and Total Storage Used.

Document Preview

Preview without Downloading

In-browser preview lets you see files without having to download them first. You can view all common file types and control what files can be downloaded or printed to prevent data loss.

Key Features


Manage documents and digital assets online with features such as permissions, workflows, and approvals.


Annotations Administrators can add comments to a document without modifying the original file. This can be done during the workflow process to give more information.

Version Control

Automatic version control and restore makes it easy to recover deleted files and folders or roll back to previous versions of any file at any time.

Auto PDFs

Automated PDF conversions create files that are more easily accessible to users.


Easily search for files by using words or phrases in the title, content or tags and instantly view results. Fast-access search scans the document title, complete document text, and document comments.


Manage any type of document or file in its native format.


Web-accessible documents allow for anytime-anywhere authoring and change control.


Apply workflows that documents go through to be published with defined User and Publisher roles.


Upload documents one at a time or in batch mode.


Advanced versioning technology keeps a copy of revised documents, maintaining a complete audit trail of changes made over time. Version changes are automatically tracked and retained.


Documents can be syndicated to produce RSS feeds.

Link Retention

Documents can easily be moved between folders without ever losing your hyperlinks from any area within your intranet.

Key Features For Administrators

(Drop Spot) Drag and drop files from desktop to add files

Drag and drop move of folders and files

Auto convert files to PDF

View how many times/users have viewed, downloaded, printed, liked, commented and favorited a document. Get a report of the users creating this activity.

Check-in/out with Version Control with historical versions

Combine documents into Zip files for easy offloading

Add annotations for edit/review process

Add tags for enhanced searching

Turn-on/off user-side file download and print capability for data loss prevention

RSS Feeds

Document Start, End, and Review dates

Enhanced reporting: Document Summary, Document User Report, Permissions Report, User Activity Reports

Use a Regular Expression to keep naming conventions in check

Analytics show quick view of Document Usage, Most Viewed Documents, Documents Checked Out, and Total Storage Used.

One click restores deleted folders or documents

Key Features For Users

Users are presented with their Favorite, Recent, and Most Viewed documents in a dashboard views

Documents are presented in a preview window, no longer auto downloaded with ability to search the document, view thumbnails, add personal bookmarks

Sharing and Social: users can like, favorite, and add comments to documents

Subscribe to be notified on a variety of changes to a document

Security and Control

Our Ticket system comes with an array of features all designed to ensure your employees receive the ongoing support they need.

Integrated Security

Built-in integrated security for view, edit, and publishing rights lets you easily manage your team’s access.

Access Levels

Ability to set granular permissions gives different levels of access to different users or user groups.

Activity Logs

Easily monitor user access to know what users have downloaded, printed, or liked a document. Activity logs give you complete oversight of all user and file actions to keep you up to date.

Additional Features

Use a Regular Expression to keep naming conventions in check

Turn-on/off file downloads for data loss prevention

(Drop spot) Drag and drop files from desktop to easily upload documents

Control Printing and Downloading of Documents for Data Loss Prevention

Automated Version Control

Notify Employees of Updated Documents with RSS Feeds and Notifications

Full-Text Document Searching"

Automatically Route Documents to be Reviewed and Approved

Combine documents into Zip files for easy offloading

Share and Collaborate on Documents

Easily Check-in/out documents

Easily Add Annotations and Comment on Documents

Smart Version Management

Version control ensures that only the most up-to-date document versions are made available for your users while maintaining past versions of the files for compliance and history.

Edit Tracking

Check-in and check-out functions let you keep track of when a file is being edited, so you always know who is making changes.

File Lifecycle

Access a change log of different file versions to see the lifecycle of each document.

History Preservation

The preservation of older files lets you easily revert to earlier versions of any document with a single click.

Your documents are the key to your business. BancWorks’ Document Management module is a powerful tool that enables you to place documents in a central location where your employees can easily find them.