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Classified Ads

Easily manage and display classified ads while decreasing email traffic

Posting Classified Ads

Posting Ads Is Easy

Classified ads can add a sense of fun and excitement to make your intranet more engaging. They can also increase social interaction among employees and help build a greater sense of community.

Classified Ad Email

Reduce Email Traffic

Employees can easily post items for sale, request items they want to buy, and advertise community/charity events without having to send out mass emails.

Key Features

Posting Ads

Post ads or announcements, eliminating unnecessary emails. Update or delete ads that are no longer needed.

Enhancing Ads

Add photos, descriptions, contact information, special instructions and other details to enhance the ad.

Reviewing and Approving Ads

Choose whether ads must be reviewed and approved before being published for greater control over ad content.

See how BancWorks' Classified Ads can reduce email traffic and increase employee engagement. Request a free online demo today!