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DirectorsLink Board Portal

DirectorsLink® Online Board Portal

Banc Intranets understands the challenges directors face—changing regulations, increasing risks factors, and growing demands on their time. Keeping abreast of the latest, most important company information can be difficult. That’s why we developed our DirectorsLink board portal for your board of directors.

Timely, Secure Access to Information

Our DirectorsLink board meeting software gives bank senior executives and directors instant access to up-to-date information about their organization…anywhere, any time. You can access and comment on board materials, as well as view corporate policies, procedures and other important information. You can also enhance your communication and collaboration with other board members and company leaders.

Best of all, the DirectorsLink board meeting software is easy to use and completely secure. It offers comprehensive security features that ensure your sensitive documents are always available, intact and protected. So you can access your corporate information with full confidence wherever and whenever you need.

Benefits of Using our Board Portal

With DirectorsLink, board members receive timely information to make sound decisions for their organization. The information they need is just a click away, making it easier to fulfill governance obligations.

DirectorsLink also offers substantial benefits for board secretaries. It provides a fast, easy and secure way to manage and deliver sensitive material. Secretaries can easily upload board packages and other documents for review and comment. This not only enhances the availability of information for everyone involved, but it also minimizes the time secretaries spend on board administration—making their job much easier.

The DirectorsLink board portal offers a wide range of advantages. It is:

  • Completely Web-based. It offers convenient, round-the-clock access to information from anywhere in the world. Committee members can easily stay connected and informed on the latest board and company developments.
  • Timely. The DirectorsLink board portal provides immediate access to real-time information such as corporate policies, financial information and news, committee meeting minutes and calendars.
  • Efficient. Having electronic access to information through our online portal streamlines communications and collaboration to save time. It also saves resources since it reduces the need for hard copies and manual distribution of materials.
  • Simple to use. The system is built with wizards to help manage all of your information, so no programming is required. Intuitive point-and-click features make it easy to work with and use. Board secretaries can ensure all board members are provided with relevant information in a timely manner. Giving board members more review time.
  • Fast. A handy search feature makes it easy to locate increasing amounts of company and industry information throughout the system.
  • Customizable. You can personalize the look with your corporate colors to maintain a look that is consistent with your brand identity.

Complete Product Support

With the DirectorsLink board portal, you receive complete support services so you always have access to relevant corporate information. The robust features of the intranet are designed to operate simply and easily. However, if you ever encounter difficulties with using the product, we’ll be there.

Our knowledgeable support team offers live support to address any questions and concerns you may have. Whether you’re having technical difficulties or just need help using the system, we’ll resolve the situation and quickly get you back on track. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service possible.

Learn more about the outstanding benefits of our DirectorsLink board meeting software. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation today.