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Q: How can BancWorks help you organize and manage information more efficiently?

A: The number one reason most banks, hospitals and other enterprises need BancWorks is to help them organize years worth of stored documents, incorporate new documents, alert employees about new product offerings, and support the flow of information from departments like human resources to employees throughout their system. The ability to organize all this information and make it readily accessible without overwhelming the IT division is BancWorks’ deliverable.

Q: How can BancWorks save you time and resources?

A: BancWorks substantially cuts down the amount of time and paper used to keep employees up to speed on bank policies, rate information, and employee benefits just to name a few. A powerful Search feature allows employees to search the intranet to find the exact information they are looking for, making the intranet the first place employees look to answer customer questions. Employee benefit information is online with all the facts, documents, provider links and required forms available to all employees.

Q: How easily can the BancWorks employee intranet software be administered?

A: IT divisions are generally backlogged with information trying to find its way to the organization’s intranet. Much of this information is time sensitive and therefore makes delays costly. BancWorks can be administered outside IT. 

Q: Can BancWorks be easily integrated and be up and running quickly?

A: Within 90 days from the kick-off date, BancWorks will be offering your administration and employees a quick and efficient way to access everything from loan documents, new product information, and current rates to on-line training, human resources information, and more. 

Q: How easily can employees be trained to use BancWorks?

A: If you can use a word processor, you can use our BancWorks employee intranet. It’s that easy. Generally training can be done in large groups and in many cases takes less than a day. Find out more about the intranet and how it’s helping revolutionize the way organizations do business!