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Are You Capitalizing on the Best Features of Your Enterprise Content Management System


By Mark Anderson, CEO/CFO   |   Posted December 25, 2017

An enterprise content management system is a powerful resource that comes packed with a lot of features that can benefit your business. But are you capitalizing on the best features that your system offers? Or are you using only a few options and overlooking others that could really help your employees?

To make sure you’re fully leveraging your enterprise content management system, here’s a list of some of the features I think you definitely should be using:

Repository for Documents and Other Content
By its very nature, an enterprise content management system creates a single place where you can organize, store and access information electronically. You can use the centralized documents management feature to make it easy for staff to locate the latest policies and procedures and other critical files. A gallery for products, services and rates can give employees accurate and up-to-date information to better serve customers. So essentially, an enterprise content management system can serve as a convenient storehouse where employees know they can go for the information they need to enhance their work flow. If properly used, the system can save time and enhance productivity while cutting paper and printing costs.

Communication, Collaboration and Social Engagement
An enterprise content management system is the ultimate tool for communication and social engagement. It’s important for employees to stay on top of what’s happening with your company and industry as well as connect with co-workers. Having online communication, collaboration and social engagement is especially important for remote or mobile workers who may feel less connected. Employees can use the newsletter, news and blog features of the system like a virtual water cooler to keep employees in the loop on even the smallest developments. A forum and comments section can provide a place where everyone can share ideas in a more relaxed setting. Announcements and kudos are another way to support social engagement by recognizing workers for awards, promotions, birthdays and other achievements. And FAQs can provide immediate access to information to address common questions or issues employees may be having.

Employee Directory/Profile
An electronic employee directory and employee profiles are features that are easy to take for granted. But they’re very useful and time-saving elements of an enterprise content management system. For example, a searchable directory and profile make it easy to locate the right employee to work on a team or special project. So instead of spending time contacting HR for basic details about an employee, you can quickly browse through the directory to find the information you need. You can find out the phone number, department and other contact information all online. And with employee profiles, you can even see a photo—which can make it easier to familiarize yourself with staff.

Time-Saving Tools
Time-saving tools are another key benefit of an enterprise content management system. A search tool makes it a cinch to locate information on the system. Electronic forms or eforms let you automatically collect data online and generate forms in minutes. An interactive calendar can help employees connect with each other and stay on top of upcoming events. The calendar can keep you in the loop about everything from important meetings to vacations to coworkers’ birthdays. And a help desk provides a simple way to monitor, prioritize and address support-related issues.

Feedback Collection
Getting employee feedback is essential because it lets you know what they think about important issues that affect them. Surveys and polls are the ideal way to tap into employees’ thoughts and opinions. They can share feedback anonymously—which means they can give completely honest feedback without worrying about the potential backlash. As a side benefit, letting employees share their opinion and suggestions can make them feel more valued. And this can boost morale and employee engagement, which can have a positive impact on your business as a whole.

Learning Management
Employee training is a vital part of all organizations. An enterprise content management system can include learning management capabilities that facilitate training. It allows HR staff to monitor training courses, exams and documentation in real time. They can easily track training initiatives digitally, making the information easily accessible for compliance purposes. In addition to simplifying the process of training, the system helps ensure employees have the knowledge and skills they need to adequately perform their duties.

Obviously, these are all great aspects of an enterprise content management system. But you can only benefit from them if you actively use them, so make sure you’re taking full advantage of these features today.


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