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Get the Most Value from Your Intranet Post



By Mark Anderson, CEO/CFO   |   Posted July 3, 2017

Many people think of intranets as tools for simply organizing, storing and distributing corporate information. That’s certainly true, but the value of intranets is so much broader. When properly created, intranets can be essential to the effective functioning of organizations.

There are many features companies can use to get more value from intranets. Some of the most impactful ones relate to providing helpful content, making it easy to connect with information, and supporting interactivity among employees. I’ll cover each of these areas and then wrap up the discussion with this important topic: how to use analytics to determine the true value of intranets.

Using Intranets to Provide Helpful Content

“Content is King” is a common phrase, but it certainly holds true for intranets. And one of the most powerful benefits of intranets is their ability to present corporate information in an organized and useful way. Intranets can give employees immediate access to details about critical content like company policies and procedures. Intranets can also provide direct access to other information that can help workers get their jobs done, including products, services, and rate galleries, online training initiatives, and electronic forms. Plus, they can deliver the latest company and industry news, highlight job opportunities and share other announcements to keep everyone in the loop. All of these content-related features can be very beneficial in helping employees perform their duties.

Fostering Interactivity with Intranets
The interaction that intranets can facilitate internally is invaluable. It can effectively enhance communication and collaboration between staff as well as increase efficiency. A simple interactive calendar can help employees keep up with upcoming meetings, vacations, birthdays and other important happenings. Polls and surveys can solicit input, making staff feel more appreciated. A help desk/ticket system can provide internal support to address problems. And a “kudos” section can publically recognize employees for their work, positive results and other contributions. These interactive features can make employees feel more engaged, which can enhance their performance—and the success of the company.

Making It Easy to Find Information through Intranets

Having access to valuable content through intranets is one thing; being able to find it is another. That’s why intranets need to have a user-friendly search tool that employees can use to quickly find information. Some of the best search tools let users plug in multiple words at a time, which is how most people do searches. And so employees can get the most use from a good search tool, intranets should have searchable content, including documents, blogs posts, FAQs, an employee directory and even an organizational charts. Think of this: The less time employees spend searching for information, the more time they can spend on core functions.

Determining the Value of Intranets with Analytics

It’s important for organizations to assess the value and success of their intranets. Otherwise, how can they accurately determine the ROI?

Analytics can help because they can provide insight about how well an intranet is performing. Essentially, they can quantify how people are using the content on the intranet. For example, analytics can indicate exactly what employees are doing with documents, blogs and other features of the intranet. With this data, you can see whether users have created, viewed, revised or deleted content.

Then you can employ this information to improve user experience and increase the overall value of your intranet. For instance, you might choose to beef up popular content areas and trim others. The analytics of intranets can also include an ROI tool that lets you assign cost benefit values to different activities. The ROI tool can record employee interactions from the time they enter and leave the intranet and provide insightful reports. And it offers the ultimate intelligence by displaying the dollar value of the intranet’s return on investment for the organization.

Intranets can be a powerful information and communication tool for organizations of all types and sizes. And with the right features, you can get the most value from your intranet for your employees and company.


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