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The Benefits of Connecting Employees Through Intranets


By Mark Anderson, CEO/CFO   |   Posted April 24, 2017

Intranets are a valuable tool because they create a centralized electronic storehouse for your corporate information. They give employees a single place to go for the latest details about company policies, procedures, products, services, news and other information. And intranets connect employees to information more quickly and easily, which can enhance communication, collaboration and workflow in your organization.

Intranets offer a number of features that make it easier for employees to connect with the information and people they need to do their jobs. For instance, applications like employee directories and employee profiles give up-to-date information on employees’ names, titles, duties, departments, phone and fax numbers and email addresses. Online organizational charts are another useful tool because they provide a useful way for employees to see the hierarchy of their company. They illustrate who reports to whom, the specific duties of an individual or department, and the structure of the organization. Directories, profiles and org charts can all be helpful tools for identifying employees to collaborate on different teams and special projects.

Besides linking employees to important content, intranets save money, time and other resources. Employee profiles and directories cut down on paper and printing costs by storing employees’ information and even photographs online. They can easily be searched and instantly updated online—letting you avoid the hassle of having to revise and reprint a manual directory. And a built-in search tool makes it easy for employees to find the information they’re looking for on the site. Enhanced features let searchers plug in phrases, which speeds up the process even more.

Intangible Benefits of Intranets
As a less tangible but equally important benefit, intranets are a powerful tool for recognizing employees for their work. The employee recognition software that’s built into the system makes it easy to praise your employees for their contributions and positive attributes. You can also use intranets to highlight promotions, awards, birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other important events. Sharing this kind of information makes employees feel more cohesive, appreciated and engaged, which enhances morale. Providing access to blogs, calendar items, job openings, and training materials can also make employees feel more valued.

All of this can have a positive impact on your bottom line, since research indicates that engaged workers are more productive and help companies perform better. And better performance, of course, translates into higher earnings and profits.

Using Analytics to Enhance Intranets
It’s important to know if employees are actually connecting with and using the information on intranets. That’s where analytics come in. With analytics, you can get critical insight into how users are responding to the content on your intranet. For example, you can tell whether people are interacting with product information, documents, articles and blogs. You can also see if users created, viewed, revised or deleted content on the intranet.

These kind of metrics give you better insight to figure out what content employees are interested in, need and are using to get their jobs done. But the real benefit of analytics is that you can get real data that you can use to strategically adjust the content on your site. In turn, this can help you enhance the usage and value of your intranet—and your ROI.

By the way, responsive design is also an important aspect of connecting employees to intranets. It makes it possible for them to access the information in the most appropriate way for the device they’re using. Essentially, it ensures the content displays properly, whether it’s being seen on a PC or mobile device. So employees can use a tablet or smartphone to view your corporate information when they’re away from the office, which enhances their flexibility and productivity.

Intranets clearly provide a powerful way to connect employees to tools and information that can help them work more efficiently and productively. So, if you’re not already doing it, start using an intranet more effectively to benefit your organization.


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