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Using an Intranet to Better Engage and Serve Employees



By Mark Anderson, CEO/CFO   |   Posted February 27, 2017

An enterprise content management system can be a powerful tool for serving employees and making them feel more engaged, appreciated and valued—if you use it effectively. Employee engagement is increasingly becoming a hot topic, but it’s more than just a buzz word. Employee engagement drives corporate growth. Companies with an engaged workforce outperform their competition, according to Gallup research. They tend to have higher profitability, productivity, quality and customer ratings with lower turnover, theft, absenteeism and safety incidents.

Easy to Engage Employees
These are pretty compelling statistics. But what makes this topic even more interesting is that it’s relatively easy for an organization to cultivate employee engagement, which Gallup simply defines as “employee involvement.” There are two main drivers of employee engagement: communication and collaboration. And these happen to be some of the primary benefits of having an effective enterprise content management system.

An enterprise content management system gives employees instant access to the latest details about your policies, procedures, products, services, activities and other corporate information. It also facilitates internal communication and collaboration, making it easier for everyone to get their jobs done. This makes an enterprise content management system a valuable tool for serving and engaging employees.

Features for Engaging Employees
The typical enterprise content management system has a variety of features that can help your workforce become more engaged. For instance, blogs can share insights and spark discussions that create a sense of camaraderie. Newsletters and announcements can give employees the latest news and other interesting information. An interactive calendar can keep employees in the loop about upcoming meetings, vacations, birthdays and other important events. A forum and comments section can spark discussions that create a sense of connection and camaraderie. And polls and surveys can collect employee feedback, making them feel more appreciated. Even something as simple as an awards section can have a significant impact on engagement; a little recognition can go a long way in showing people you value their efforts.

Features for Serving Employees

Using an enterprise content management system to serve the needs of employees is another area that can enhance your organization’s performance. Think of an enterprise content management system as a tool that employees can use to get their jobs done more effectively. They can use it to get instant access to the vast amount of information they need to serve both internal and external customers. Whether employees are interacting with co-workers or advising clients, an enterprise content management system can enhance the process.

Here are some specific features that can help you serve employees’ needs through an enterprise content management system:

  • Document management that creates a convenient, centralized place for your corporate information.
  • Product, service and rates galleries for a quick and handy reference.
  • eForms that allow employees to automatically collect data online and create forms in minutes.
  • Searchable employee directory/profiles for quick access to employees’ photos, contact information and other details.
  • Help desk to provide assistance with problems and other issues.
  • FAQs to create a searchable knowledge base for employees.
  • Online training that ensures employees have the education and skills to properly do their jobs.
  • Job opportunities and classified ads to promote open positions and other opportunities.
  • Time-saving search tool and internal links that make it a cinch to find any information on the site.

Keep in mind that when you use your enterprise content management system to better serve employees, it has a broad effect. The benefits employees receive translates into better job performance. And this, ultimately, leads to better overall results for your organization.

But as with any tool, an enterprise content management system is only as effective as the organization using it. And the better you can use the system to serve and engage employees, the more it will contribute to your bottom line.


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