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Intranets, Your Online Hub


By Mark Anderson, CEO/CFO   |   Posted January 30, 2017

Intranets are the ultimate online hub of the corporate world. They’re the one place where employees can get information to do their jobs, read the latest company and industry news—and even find out who earned a promotion, won an award or celebrated a birthday. Intranets also create spaces where departments, project teams and even clubs can huddle up and get things done.

Transforming the Water Cooler
In a way, intranets take traditional water cooler conversations to a whole different level. Employees can use intranets to share stories, updates and even kudos throughout the day, all of which can facilitate work flow. They’re the ideal portal for work because they promote communication, collaboration, camaraderie—and efficiency.

Think about these key features that make intranets a valuable online hub for employees:

  • Documents management: Makes it easy for employees to find the latest corporate policies and procedures.
  • Products, services and rate galleries: Provide accurate and up-to-date information, so employees can better serve customers.
  • Employee directory/profiles: Make it easy to find the right employees for teams and special projects.
  • The latest company and industry news: Keeps employees abreast of important information.
  • FAQs: Provide employees with the information they need to work more efficiently.
  • Blogs: Keep everyone informed and interested in topics that affect your organization.
  • Training materials: Allows HR staff to monitor and track training classes, assessments and documentation in real time.
  • Calendar: Helps users connect with other employees and keep up with important events.
  • Job postings: Make it easy for employees to learn about open positions as soon as they are available.

Keeping Content Updated
To help employees fully benefit from the power of intranets, it’s important to keep the information updated. The reason is simple: Having inaccurate or outdated content lowers the credibility of intranets. And if users can’t trust the reliability of your information, they’ll hesitate to use it. This can make your intranet less beneficial, which undermines the very reason for having the portal—to help employees do their jobs more efficiently and successfully.

Obviously, intranets have a plethora of content that needs to be maintained at different levels. Information about policies, procedures, products and services requires periodic tweaking. But things like calendar items, job postings and other announcements have a more limited “shelf life” and require constant updating. When to make updates can be pretty obvious in many cases. For instance, job postings should be removed as soon as the positions are filled. An announcement about award nominations should be deleted once the submission deadline passes. And calendar items should be dropped immediately after the event happens.

So be vigilant about identifying content that has outlived its usefulness. Once you find outdated information, contact the content authors and have them either update or remove it right away. This will keep your intranet running like a well-oiled content machine that people will feel comfortable turning to when they need information.

Making timely content updates ensure that intranets provide the most functionality, utility and value for employees. And this ultimately translates into a better return on your investment.


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