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Help Employees Get the Most from Your Intranet


Help Your Employees Maximize Your Intranet 

By Mark Anderson, CEO/CFO | Posted Oct. 17, 2016

Intranets are supposed to make employees’ lives easier. So an effective intranet portal should provide a variety of tools that empower employees and help them get their work done more efficiently. This, in turn, can help your organization get the most benefit from your intranet. 

Of course, the need for intranet tools varies from industry to industry; but just about anything that lets employees connect with information and their co-workers can be beneficial. And if you offer the right set of tools, it can promote team work and collaboration—which can enhance the work environment for everyone. 

Helpful Intranet Tools
Some of the best intranet tools for empowering and engaging employees include documents, an organizational chart, employee directory/profiles, products/services galleries, FAQs, help desk, a forum/discussion board, blog, announcements calendar, surveys/polls and a handy search feature. Here are some examples of how these features can facilitate online collaboration and workflow in general:

  • Documents: Provide quick access to information to support employees’ efforts, so they can work together more efficiently and cohesively.
  • Organizational chart and employee directory/profiles: Make it easy to identify the best employees to work on teams and special projects. Having a visual snapshot of employees, their positions and contact details can promote familiarity and synergy.
  • Products/services galleries: Place essential information about products and services at employees’ fingertips, so they can better assist customers and coworkers.
  • FAQ and help desk: Provide employees with the information and support they need to perform at their best. They can get instant access to answers to questions and escalate problems when necessary.
  • Blog and announcements: Provide helpful information to keep employees on the same page. This can also keep everyone more interested and engaged in what is happening in your organization.
  • Calendar: Lets users schedule time on pre-defined calendars to easily connect with other employees. They can also keep up with employee promotions, birthdays and other important dates.
  • Surveys and polls: Enable employees to provide their feedback and opinions on various issues related to their work and the company overall. This can make employees feel more like a valued member of the team.
  • Search feature: Allows employees to use keywords to explore the entire intranet, including products/services galleries, FAQs and other key areas. The faster employees can access information, the better they can do their jobs.

Minimizing Inefficiency and Frustration
So what’s the worst-case scenario of not providing the right tools to help employees maximize the use of your intranet? Well, employees may not be able to quickly and easily find the information they need to handle their duties. This could lead to inefficiency, frustration and mistrust of the system on the part of users. Worse still, employees could start viewing the intranet as a hindrance and slowly become disengaged. As a result, your organization will receive a lower return on its technology investment. 

Helping your employees get the most from an intranet isn’t complicated. You just have to provide the right kind of support and empowerment tools, so they can maximize their use of the system. An atmosphere of team work and collaboration doesn’t just happen on its own. So make sure your intranet has features employees can easily use to facilitate their efforts and productivity—and enhance your organization’s overall performance.


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