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Using an Intranet to Promote Your Corporate Culture


Company Culture

By Mark Anderson, CEO/CFO   |   Posted September 19, 2016

Many people think of corporate culture as a mushy, fuzzy concept. But culture—the behaviors and beliefs that govern how people act in an organization—is an integral part of your company’s success. That’s why it’s important to effectively use your enterprise content management system or intranet to promote your corporate culture. (But I’ll get back to that in a minute.)

A company’s culture refers to the shared values, attitudes, standards and principles that characterize its employees. It defines the nature of the organization and reflects what makes it unique: the mission, vision and values. Actually, culture is one of the top factors prospective employees consider during the recruitment process—next to salary and benefits. They think about whether they’ll be a good fit for the organization’s culture.

So why should you focus on using your intranet to support your corporate culture? The answer is simple: A strong sense of company culture can drive positive business results…and success. 

Healthy versus Unhealthy Culture
A healthy culture helps improve employee engagement, which can enhance productivity and overall performance. Here’s why: Employees who are more engaged see themselves as part of a team and want to help the company succeed. When this happens, the company’s products and services tend to increase in quality—which can ultimately lead to higher profits.

On the other hand, an unhealthy culture has a negative effect. With this scenario, employees think of themselves as individuals apart from the company. They focus on their own needs and restrict their efforts to the basic requirements needed to get their job done. Their main motivation is making money, not contributing value. This can seriously hinder the company’s productivity and growth.

So how do you know if there’s trouble with your corporate culture? The warning signs are pretty obvious: higher turnover, difficulty recruiting talented people, low morale, low participation in company functions, and reduced quality and customer satisfaction. If this sounds like your organization, don’t worry. There are simple steps you can take to address the problem. 

But keep in mind that the culture starts at the top. The CEO sets the standard—and example—for the rest of the company. Leaders/managers at all levels have to demonstrate the attitudes and behaviors that match their corporate culture. However, a culture isn’t built overnight, and it requires constant reinforcement. That’s where an enterprise content management system comes in.

You can use your enterprise content management system to reinforce your vision, mission and values internally. More specifically, you can use the system’s communication tools to make sure everyone understands the values and behaviors that reflect your culture. If you do this consistently, your culture will become second nature to employees. 

Ways to Support Your Culture with an Enterprise Content Management System
Your IT, HR and marketing departments can work together to use your intranet to enhance your corporate culture. For example, IT can use the company’s logo, colors and slogan to create a consistent design that promotes your brand identity. This can build a sense of cohesiveness and affinity with employees, which will ultimately strengthen your culture.
HR personnel can use your enterprise content management system to clarify and demonstrate your mission, vision and values. They can make employees feel more valued by soliciting their suggestions and feedback; by recognizing and rewarding their accomplishments; and by providing information and tools to make it easier for them do their jobs.  

Marketing can reinforce your culture through its internal messaging. For instance, if your culture is friendly and relaxed, your content should be more conversational. But if it’s more formal, you should use a more official tone. By the way, internal branding with employees can have an indirect impact on developing your culture.

Here are some specific ways you can enhance your company’s culture with your intranet: 

  • Publish interesting articles, blogs posts and news that help clarify and reinforce your corporate culture. You can use intranet updates to put the newest content front and center. This makes it easy for employees to keep up with the latest information that was added since the last time they visited your site. Also, blogging is a great option for providing educational content. Blog posts are not only informative, but they stimulate interaction because employees can submit comments about the content. 
  • Offer tools like search, eForms, links, calendars, profiles and organizational charts that help employees operate more efficiently and productively.
  • Use features like announcements, job opportunities, surveys/polls, and training to let employees know you value them and are concerned about their well-being.

Remember: Having a healthy corporate culture is an important part of keeping top talent and driving business results. So start using your enterprise content management system to effectively improve your culture and business.


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