Learning Management Overview

BancTrain® Learning Management and Compliance Software

BancTrain is the affordable and flexible learning management system used by training administrators to create, track, and monitor all training initiatives within their organization. BancTrain is completely web-based and seamlessly integrated into the BancWorks suite of intranet solutions to leverage the wealth of training content available from your intranet. Our BancTrain learning management software creates a secure place where employees can find the learning information they need, start the learning process, and respond to the information learned through assessment tests.

  • Learning Plans deliver required and elective courses to each employee determined by their job responsibilities.
  • My Learning Plan makes training requirements immediately available to students through a secure view, specific to each employee.
  • Course Management lets Training Administrators easily create courses and schedule classes with links to training resources on BancWorks intranet and on the internet.
  • Real-Time Reporting gives management up-to-the-minute detailed training records and employee status.
  • In-depth reporting to ensure all employees are compliant with all training initiatives to comply with today's demanding regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Compliance
Many policies need to be delivered and reviewed by all employees on a consistent basis. The learning management system automates this process by delivering your policies electronically to each employee and tracks to see who has read and agreed to them.

  • Employees take assessment tests to check understanding about the company policies and procedures.
  • Employees read and electronically agree to new policies and procedures.
  • Online reporting creates the documentation needed for regulatory compliance.
  • Regulatory Compliance is made easier with browser-based management of all training initiatives.
  • Track performance and results with a powerful reporting engine. Download data for use in external reporting tools such as Microsoft Excel.
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