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Print Less, Publish More with an Enterprise Content Management System


By Mark Anderson, CEO/CFO   |   Posted March 13, 2017

An enterprise content management system has so many different applications that you can take advantage of for your organization. It places all your important corporate information in a secure, central location where it’s easy for employees to access. It’s the ultimate tool for printing less and publishing more. I mean printing fewer hardcopies of the vast amount of information employees use each day and publishing an electronic version instead.

Do you really need a printed version of your policy and procedures manual, staff directory, employee handbook, price list, training manuals and newsletters? Wouldn’t a digital copy do just as well—or even better?

Take, for instance, your employee directory. If you have a digital version available through your enterprise content management system, it can make a world of difference. You can easily include information on each employee and update it instantly and as often as needed. Then staff can avoid the frustration of dealing with outdated contact details when they’re searching for someone to work on a team or special project. And because directories are searchable by name, job title and department, locating people in the system is a breeze. But with a printed directory, you’re stuck with the same information—even if it’s outdated—until the hardcopy gets revised.

As another example, think about how an enterprise content management system can help improve customer service. It puts all the latest details about your products, services, rates, policies and procedures right at everyone’s fingertips. Employees can be confident that they have the most up-to-date information to help customers. So your customers end up with more accurate and efficient service—and greater satisfaction. On the other hand, printed information about your products and services could become obsolete, which could lead to customers getting the wrong information.

Benefits of Going Digital

Obviously, there are many ways you can capitalize on an enterprise content management system. But the system can also provide numerous benefits for your organization. One of the key advantages is that having environmentally-friendly electronic files saves ink, paper and other printing costs.

An enterprise content management system is also one of the most convenient ways to access your corporate information. Employees can quickly and easily pull up the information they need through the system. And a handy search tool makes finding information a cinch.

But perhaps even more important, employees can save a significant amount of time using an enterprise content management system. Administrators can publish and update electronic information almost immediately. And employees can access the information in seconds instead of the minutes—or even—hours it could take to round up a printed version. This can help them to do their jobs more effectively.

Having information more easily accessible helps employees work more efficiently, effectively and productively. And all of this creates a positive environment for employee engagement. Employee engagement—more simply referred to as involvement—comes as a result of communication and collaboration. And these are two of the main byproducts of using an enterprise content management system.

The more engaged workers are, the better they can perform at work and add to your bottom line. In fact, research shows that companies with a high employee engagement tend to be more profitable.

Helpful Features
So what are some of the practical ways you can use an enterprise content management system to print less and publish more of your information digitally? Here are some key areas:

  • Centralized document management: Provide a collection of your important information, from policies and procedures to product details, rates and more.
  • News and announcements: Present corporate and industry news, including details about competitors.
  • Knowledge base: Create helpful information resources such as FAQs, blogs and articles.
  • Calendars, classifieds and job opportunities: Keep employees in the loop and interested about the latest events, career opportunities and other happenings.
  • Training and education: Manage your training program online, monitoring classes, testing and documentation in real time.
  • Surveys and polls: Collect instant feedback to let employees know their opinions are considered and valued.

Regardless of what information is featured, an enterprise content management system can help you print less and publish more online. Start leveraging the benefits of an enterprise content management system for your organization.


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