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Document Management

Managing information is critical to your success and reaches across your organization. With BancWorks integrated document management, your intranet becomes the secure central repository of all your documents. Yielding greater efficiencies and collaboration across your organization.

  • Manage documents and digital assets online with features such as permissions, workflows, and approvals. 
  • Centralized documents allow for search optimization. fast access search scans document title, complete document text, and document comments.
  • Web accessible documents for anytime anywhere authoring and change control.
  • Manage any type of document or file in its native format.
  • Built-in integrated security for view, edit, and publishing rights.
  • Upload documents one at a time or in batch mode.
  • Apply workflow that documents go through to be published with defined User and Publisher roles.
  • Advanced versioning technology keeps an archive of revised documents, maintaining a complete audit trail of changes made over time.
  • Easily revert to earlier versions of any document.
  • Documents can be syndicated to produce RSS feeds.
  • Documents can easily be moved between folders without ever losing your hyperlinks from any area within your intranet.