Board Evaluations

DirectorsLink®  Board Evaluations


Board Evaluations are critical in helping to promote a renewal of each director's commitment both to the organization and its governance. Evaluations are instrumental in building rapport among leaders and staff, assist in refocusing everyone's attention on the organization’s mission, and help refine the unique culture that every organization owns. 

Board Evaluations help to:

  • Provide insight into how members perceive the performance of the board and the senior management team
  • Measure the board's performance and helps each director define how well he or she is performing on the leadership team
  • Reach a consensus about the value of projects and proposals at your organization
  • Ensure that the director contributes to the association's mission and identify measures that will enhance the board's future performance


Benefits of Using the DirectorsLink Board Evaluation Process:

  • Create highly customized evaluations for the board, committees, or individual directors
  • Online distribution, tracking, and tabulation of board evaluations and questionnaires
  • Directors complete their surveys over the Web in a secure environment
  • Easy to use tools to quickly collect and compile the results for analysis and presentation to the board
  • Provides valuable information on board performance and the performance of organization’s executives
  • Monitor progress of the evaluation